LIMARTEC® WOOD VENEER is an innovation for ship and yacht interiors and for use in the building construction sector which has to adhere to stringent fire protection regulations.

The flame retardant with MED certification for real wood veneer is available for various types of wood and has been developed for the use in the building construction sector and on ship and yacht interiors.


  • Flame retardant real wood veneer for use in the building construction sector and ship and yacht interiors
  • Decorative surface for walls and ceilings
  • Suitable for the use in accordance with SOLAS and PYC standards
  • Various types of wood veneer available upon request
  • Quantity available according to demand
  • Halogen-free and in compliance with REACH requirements
  • Can be processed using conventional adhesive systems
  • The brilliant tones are preserved
  • Resistant to changing climatic conditions
  • Patent-pending



  • Max. bundle length 3,50m | max. bundle width 0,65m
  • Wood density from 420 to 990 kg/m3
  • Material thickness of sanded veneers 0,6mm






LIMARTEC WOOD VENEER achieves the standards of decorative surfaces (decorative veneers) according to IMO Res. MSC.307(88)–(FTP Code 2010) Part 2* und Part 5 (* n/a) Low Flame-spread Characteristics.