LIMARTEC® NC PANELS is one of a kind, world-wide.

This non flammable panel, certified and approved according to IMO FTP Code part 1 (ISO 1182) is especially used on yachts, cruise ships and passenger ships that are built according to the newest regulations of SOLAS and PYC.

The various applications range from wall and ceiling construction to decorative panels. LIMARTEC® NC PANELS is also perfect for furniture construction, when it is necessary that non flammable certified materials are used.

The panel has some significant advantages:

Weighing 9.8 kg/m² (18mm panel) it is very light considering what it has to offer. (a conventional, non-flammable panel of the same thickness, laminated both sides weighs approx. 12.4 kg /m²) this is a 20% reduction in weight.

Veneer may be bonded directly to the panel without the use of an additional layer of laminate. This results in 1.6mm less load, per m² (0.8mm of laminate calculated both sides) within the fire load calculation.

Veneer edging may be bonded directly to the panel with no additional filling material as would be required with an aluminium core panel.

LIMARTEC® NC PANELS is not prone to ‘loosening’ or ‘splitting’ of the edges as the top layers are not under tension.

If LIMARTEC® NC PANELS is used as an underconstruction, no fire load values need to be considered.

Excellent screw extraction stability is achieved when using metal drywall dowels with LIMARTEC® NC PANELS. (Additional bonding is recommended).