BUBEN&ZÖRWEG Yachtline as well as the BUBEN&ZÖRWEG Interior Solutions enthuse Aficionadas and Collectors
Interior PROMAN is the exclusive, sales and engineering, partner of the German Manufacturer for unique security solutions on board of Yachts and exclusive Passenger Ships.


The X-007 EXTREME is customisable both inside and out. Lacquer and leather are available in a number of colours and virtually any interior variant that fits inside the safe is implementable – from up to 18 TIME MOVER® units to a high-security presentation showcase for works of art.

The mechanism with which the X-007 EXTREME displays the values it protects is one of a kind in this world: it raises the safe’s precious contents majestically upwards with a smooth gliding motion. TIME MOVER® units and drawers for jewellery and documents can be combined in the basic version – but there is also an option to install a concealed showcase behind spy-glass that becomes transparent on command. Finest leather, 10 layers of high-gloss lacquer, stainless steel and an effective LED lighting system, all combined in perfect craftsmanship. The PAXOS® locking system has proved its worth in Swiss banks and other applications.


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The scope of a collection can soon start to push at the boundaries when the collector’s heart beats with true passion. Caring for ideal storage conditions and an appealing presentation is also a must in noble surroundings such as a cigar lounge.


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It has been well-known ever since BUBEN&ZORWEG started a few years ago to apply their passion for innovation and inspired, unique creations to safes: A safe doesn‘t have to look like a strongbox. The ORION XL is the latest compelling example.


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Size doesn’t matter? Passionate collectors have a special trait: they do not want to be limited by superficial matters. Their passion grows as time goes on.

The GRAND COLLECTOR XL by BUBEN&ZORWEG helps you to extend your horizons.


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Precious items demand safekeeping and appropriate presentation. THE TREASURY from the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG is one of the most beautiful opportunities to stop the hands of time. To save things for good times to be enjoyed in good company. To present wrist watches, enjoy exquisite cigars and share fine wines … and because good taste is a very personal matter, the modules that make up THE TREASURY adapt to the needs of their proud owner. A perfectly designed surrounding for the things close to your heart


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A fascinating timepiece enclosed in a shimmering stainless steel bezel is a striking feature in the otherwise unadorned elegance of the impressive SOLITAIRE VISION. Its inner values are protected by bullet-proof spy glass that allows an insight as soon as the sophisticated LED lighting system is activated.


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The QUANTUM has perfected the art of protecting valuable collections of extraordinary watches. It opens in an instant for the lover of fine timepieces while circumspectly protecting the gems inside from those deemed unworthy by the owner.


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